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Your family is our mission!

United Children and Family Head Start Board of Directors and Staff are dedicated to aiding income eligible families of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds in Northeast Detroit to overcome education and economic deprivation by:
  • Providing comprehensive services to children 0-5
  • years of age;
  • Providing a complement of services to the family unit that includes health, nutrition, education, literacy, parent involvement, social services and disability services;
  • Providing career development opportunities for staff that will give them the confidence and competence to meet the needs of our families
We aim to strengthen the family unit by having parental participation in the educational process. Because a child's educational success is based on more than just the school environment, we will encourage community involvement. We will meet these goals by enlisting a competent, caring staff who is sensitive to cultural differences and attuned to incorporating all the positive elements of the community to enhance the child's development.
Great Minds Begin at Head Start — Child Development Centers  in Detroit, MI

Our goal – to give your children a head start!

The ultimate goal of United Children and Family Head Start is to provide the children with a “Head Start” and instilling in them the ability to insure future generations will be eligible for our services; also, to bring about a greater degree of social competence in pre-school children. These goals are reflective of the inter-relatedness of cognitive, intellectual and social development; physical and mental health; and nutritional needs.
Everyone is committed to working together to promote continuous improvement through communication, collaboration and community involvement.